Stephen Curry Slams Kevin Durant: Threatens To Leave GSW?

The latest Golden State Warriors update is the one everyone would think of as ‘impossible.’ With all the trades and moves of nabbing players in the free agency, the Warriors are to make big adjustments in their roster. Rumors now suggest that with Kevin Durant’s arrival, Stephen Curry, the team’s most valuable player, threatens to leave the Warriors.


As soon as the Warriors have received confirmation about Durant’s contract, Curry reportedly sent him a text message, telling him that all he cares about is winning.

Was he really trying to slam Durant or did he just want to welcome a new teammate with the same mission as his, which is to win?

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Bleacher Report‘s Ric Bucher previously mentioned that one franchise team is in high hopes that Durant’s stay with the Warriors would turn out bad and inefficient for the team. That being said, Curry would have a reason to leave Oakland.

Somewhere, Stephen Curry is watching Kevin Durant hit all these shots and just… laughing, happily

Predictions also suggest that Durant would be shooting a lot for the team, which could include their final, game-winning shots – a task that usually falls on Curry’s shoulders. This only means that the spotlight is off Curry and is shining very much on Durant.

In case the said forecast comes true, the unnamed franchise team previously mentioned would offer Curry back his ‘star’ title again.

SB Nation’s Jonathan Lee also suggested that Durant’s addition to the team made them more ‘the fans’ favorites.’ He added that in case the Warriors nabbed the title back from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Stephen Curry might just walk away from them.

“The Warriors brass will definitely have the resources to resign Steph Curry, but he should walk regardless. Look, nobody will be shocked if they win a title next season, so that would be 2 for Steph. What more is there to prove?”

Durant did not leave Oklahoma City to win just one title. He stepped out of his comfort zone to win a ‘bunch’ that also includes titles for himself.

Lee also suggested that with Durant’s decision to stay committed with the Warriors, there’s no way the team’s salary cap could hold off both him and Curry. Thus, one must go and end up leaving.

Do you think that Stephen Curry might opt to bolt from the Golden State Warriors soon? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!


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